Asset Services

Assets Services

ASSETS SOLUTIONS is a Saudi Company offering Master Data Quality Solutions for complex plant engineering, transport systems, facility management and asset service delivery environments to support and enhance Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.


*  Enterprise Asset Management Services.

* Enterprise Asset Management Services is the whole life optimal management of physical assets of an organization to maximize the value.

* Assets Solutions provides the services to various services to organization to achieve:

      - Physical Location Structure.

      - Building Asset Registry.

      - Building Hierarchy.

      - Asset Verification & Tagging.

      - Asset Classification and Spare Parts Cataloguing.

      - Spare Part Bill Of Materials (BOM) Creation.

      - Vendor Master & Service Master Creation.

      - Job Plans (preventive & correct) review/generate based on the best practice and international standards.

* Master Data Management.

* Managing Asset.

* Asset Data and Structure.

* Fixed Asset Registration.

* Asset Classification, Registration and Hierarchy.

* Asset Information Collation and Tagging / Labeling.

* Asset Master Data Business Drivers.

* Mobile Application.